In Loving Memory of


Dillon James Milos (Vyni)

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is try to say goodbye forever to this amazing man! Dillon James Milos (Vyni/Xero/Dill Picks) passed quickly on Tuesday July 11th. This has been the most difficult time of our lives, but thanks to his amazing partner, his friends, along with his incredible online family, we are doing our best to move forward! 

Dillon was born in Brighton, Colorado on September 26, 1992. He attended school in Brighton, and graduated from there in 2011. He played the saxophone and was in the school band from Elementary School until his High School graduation. After graduation, he attended Community College of Denver for a time, with a strong emphasis in Music Theory. He also played and taught guitar lessons, where he came to fall in love with heavy metal! Eventually, as a hobby he bought a keyboard, wrote some original music and shared with family and friends.

He had worked at various retail jobs over the years, and was loved by coworkers and customers alike! Dillon had just started a new photography company, and found a new passion when he got a drone for that endeavor! His FAA Drone Operators License had just arrived, and he had a brilliant career in front of him, he was so excited. The pride he put into his work was obvious!

Dillon was an avid gamer, and a big majority of his life was spent playing, helping, and sharing with with his online friends. He enjoyed a wide variety of games, making a wide variety of friends along the way. These are friends who have loved and cherished their time with him, some knowing him for over 20 years. Thus we have decided to have an online Memorial Service/Celebration of Life in the coming weeks! We will let everyone who would like to attend know when and how.

Baking was one of the things he loved, He would put on a good audio book, and in several hours we would be enjoying a gourmet dessert, decadent brownies or some other amazing treat! He also loved to spend time in the kitchen with his “old man”, and helped create amazing dinners for friends, family, and themselves sometimes!

In lieu of flowers or other gifts, we ask that people would make a Donation to The Trevor Project:!/donation/checkout
(Choose “Dedicate my donation in honor or memory of someone” and dedicate in Dillon’s name there, and you can include my email as the recipient).
It’s a charity that helps troubled LBGTQ youth with the myriad of problems they face daily. Dillon helped a lot of his friends with this, and would love if you could help as well!

Survived by:
Partner – Henry Curran – Hull, England
Mother – Amy Nelms – Denver, CO
Father – Michael Milos – Great Falls, MT
Brother – Lane Milos – Denver, CO

He was more than my son and roommate. He was my Best Friend, my Confidant, and my shoulder to cry on! (I’m going to borrow a part of a line from one of our favorite movies.) The Last Years Of Your Life Were The Best Years Of Mine “Dad” WE ALL LOVE YOU DILLON/VYNI The world was such a better place with you in it!! ❤️ 

“Destiny Is All” – The Last Kingdom

– Michael A. Milos

Book Owner: Henry Curran / Mike Milos
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When I first interacted with Dillon he was just as an online buddy named Xero who I sometimes played games with and liked enough to put on my friendslist. After playing with him enough times over almost a decade online I could say that it became a real friendship and I know he did the lion’s share friendship wise by just being a great guy and genuine friend to everyone he talked to. It’s a shame we never got to meet in person, I wanted to give the man a handshake or a hug or both but I’m glad to have come to see that it was not just me that felt his love but so many other people he had met either in real life or online as well. When you form a bond with someone you take a piece of them with you and make it your own and when they leave it can feel like a piece of you is missing but I’ll always remember one of the friendliest men I have met in my life. Thanks for the games and the good times, you will be missed Dillon. ~Jason (Llythe) …


I feel like it still hasn’t quite struck me that you’re gone, but we’ve known each other for so, so, so many years that I feel your presence missing at every turn. Like when I see something funny on Twitter that I’d send you in a heartbeat. We did so many things together, from trying random games like SCP to playing 100 matches of Guilty Gear for no reason other than we could. Through all the friends I’ve had and made an effort to hang out with online, you’ve always been a constant in so many of those groups. And without you around, it’s hard to put into words those moments where I feel the loss created by your absence. You’ve always made the effort to hit me up whenever and helped me get through a lot of things in my personal life. I only wish I hit you up for hanging out as often as you did me. I’ll miss you, Xero. My raid leader, my fighting game training partner, and my homie. Thanks for everything these past 16+ years. Dragoon Dark Dome forever. …


Xero – Thank you for being an amazing raid leader and person. I will always be grateful that you and Henry invited me to be part of the team. I was nervous about getting back into high end content in FFXIV, but you created such a welcoming environment that made our gaming sessions full of jokes and laughter, and something I looked forward to all week. Through our group, I’ve met other friends and made wonderful memories. More than anything though, I could see how you and Henry cherished each other and was so happy for the two of you. Thank you for meaning so much to so many. To Mike, Henry, and all of Dillon’s family, I am so sorry for your loss and I am wishing you peace and comfort. …

Amador Fuster

I haven’t really been able to find the words to really piece together how I feel about all this, it’s a horrible tragedy man Dillon was such a hard rocking amigo, I always knew him as Zero. We used to be in forums, spend hours together playing countless games with other friends like Zane, Sm, Demi, Hyper, Luke! Lace!! Lukas!!! and a whole lotta other peeps. One franchise in particular we played a lot back in the day was Gears of War, man the hours spent trying to beat horde mode on the hardest difficulty was some of the best hours of my life. It really feels like it was just yesterday when Zane introduced me to that goofball but I’ve loved him ever since, we would always go back and forth talking smack, him calling me a scrub and me vowing to destroy him lol god man those really were the days,we had a bit of a joking rivalry, for better or worse in whatever game we played he always made me want to really beat him so I guess he always brought the best out of me in whatever we played lol! I only wish I had …

Chris (SM)

I have seriously been waiting and stalling for days just trying to figure out how to write this message. I’ve known you for nearly 20 years and I just don’t know how to say goodbye. I can’t fully fathom or ponder what life is going to be like without you. I remember way back in the day when we were just kids playing video games and going onto forums. Those moments from well over a decade ago feel closer now than they ever had. It’s crazy to think back and realize that I’ve known you through so many phases of my life that it is insane for me to fully process it. Not that long ago I sent you a message telling you just how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate that you were my friend for so many years and that I loved you. I should have sent more of those but I am more thankful now than ever that you knew how much I cared about you for being in my life. I don’t know what else to say. How do I summarize so many years and memories into just a couple paragraphs. …


Xero, thank you for bringing so much joy into so many lives. Thank you for touching all these hearts with your kindness and humor. We didn’t get to talk much, but partying with you in FFXIV was always a good time. You were always a good sport about things. I would hear about your adventures from mutual friends. I think the most important thing to me was… you were making Henry happy. I’ve always felt like Henry deserves all the happiness in the world – and you became that happiness! Thank you. I wish the best for your family, friends, and partner. May your light guide them to find happiness once again.  …

Choux Creme

Xero, Thank you for your incredible wit and immense kindness. Within this inexorable flow, it scares me to realize how long and yet how short a time we knew each other. Going back through our Discord messages, the first time we spoke through private messages was just under six years ago. You were asking me for advice on how to level your gathering classes in FFXIV. Remembering that brings such a strong sense of nostalgia and I’ll always look back upon those days and years with fondness. You always made things such a joy with your presence, be it FFXIV, DnD, or just chatting. I always enjoyed the sound of your voice and it pains me that I’ll never have a chance to hear it again. There is just never enough time in this world. Since the pandemic, I haven’t really had the time to spend with you and everyone else. And now here we are. I’m sorry I wasn’t around, but I’ll treasure the time we did have, as long and as brief as it was. Your legacy lives on in everyone you touched. With love, Creme …

Lace (Tehobekima) and Jon (Karma)

I’ve never been really good at writing, and I’ve always been the sort of person who lets their emotions speak for them. It’s even harder when you’re trying to write all the words that would retell such a great friendship without rambling or having another breakdown. I knew you as Xero well before I knew you as Dillon, and that was years ago. I remember all of us playing League of Legends until morning, even if I haven’t touched the game in years, it feels like we had a lot of really good (and frustrating) times. There were other times when we would play roleplaying games run by Demi, and I always looked forward to those. I would still mention those games to Jon, and he’d laugh, cause he knew we were a little bit crazy. Jon knew you through me, but he still remembers playing League with you and the others. He still laughs every time he remembers yelling ‘donkey!’ over Skype and getting a good laugh out of you. I’m sure he was also happy that you and I got along so well, but really I think he was just glad to have someone else to keep …


Dillon!  We had so much more to do together. Despite having grown up alongside one another, we never got to meet in-person! I know you were trying to get your passport ready (finally!) to make up for all the lost hugs over the years. Alas, what we lacked in hugs, we made up for in countless long conversations, gaming sessions, and brainstorming. I can’t say that about everyone. There’s something really cool with knowing someone from being a young teenager to full adulthood: You realize just how much people can change and grow while still being themselves the whole way. We were both rather rough around the edges in our youth, stumbling our way through the growing pains of a world where digital friendships were only just beginning. In that time you saw me go from a shy class clown with an edge to a pot-stirrer who would do anything for their loved ones. And in that time I saw you go from a fiery personality with the initiative of a pioneer to a warm supportive soul whose heartbeat acted as the metronome that kept our group moving in sync. We often joked of how different “Season 1 Dillon” …

Andrew (Star)

Xero! It’s been difficult figuring out what I want to say here. We were never as close as we could have been, or as I would have liked. Did you know I have a notepad on my desktop telling me to send some dumb messages your way? I remembered you always hated those dumb crossover cards in MtG, so I set a reminder to myself to message you when the DW set came out, just to start up a conversation.  Seeing that again, knowing I won’t actually be able to say any of these things to you, that we’re never going to have that Strive match I promised you, that I can’t crack another awful joke about Astolfo or the anniversary of Exandria when it rolls around again – it’s hard to get used to. God, I still have that game you recommended to me in my wishlist. I was looking forward to telling you my thoughts. Jac and I still talk about Exandria, you know! The adventures of Everyone + Derp making my life difficult. Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in something you loved, and in making such an impact it’s with me all …