Book of Memories of

Andrew Hornby

Andrew was most amazing husband, brother, son, son-in-law, friend and most importantly the absolutely most amazing Daddy.


Andrew passed away on ?? following a serious cycling accident earlier in May.


However, Andrew will live on as he is becoming an organ donor, giving the most precious gift of all; the gift of life.  He will be our very own superhero!


Andrew will be missed beyond measure and this book is for you to tell Lucy and I all about your memories of Andrew, how you knew him, what you got up to together as well as your thoughts and prayers.

If you can include a photo, or two, as well that would be great.

It is humbling to know he has touched so many people in such positive ways and I hope his memories will live long and strong for you as they most definitely will for Lucy and I.


Thank you so very much

Charlotte & Lucy xxx

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Mario Cerroni

I was one of the many that got to know Andy through the Photography Corner, where we became virtual friends and maintained that friendhsip all these years since we “met”. I will miss seeing his photos, hearing about his family, and the many times that he provided encouraging and thoughtful, sometimes humourous comments on …

Brendan O’Donnell

Condolences to Charlotte and Lucy and family. I knew Andy from many years ago. We worked together at UCLH in London for a few years. We worked in the Private Patients Wing. He was my manager. I remember his humour and willingness to help others, me included. We needed humour as the building we …

Lindsay Alden

Worked with Andy 16 years ago. Great memories and lots of laughs.  Tragically taken far too soon. Love and hugs to all of the family xxx …

Laura Faiers

Andy will be sorely missed of that I am sure. Andy was a fantastic manager to me whilst he was at AF – gave me the chance to move into his team with no previous experience and then fully supported my progression and learning. He always pushed me to be the best I could …

Michelle Batker

Andy and I met at a previous job and have stayed in touch for the last 17-18 years. Always good banter and always good laughs!   Andy was such a caring person and I know how important his family was !   I can’t believe he has been taken so soon! But I am …

Heather Claridge

Andy, from the minute you joined AF, I knew you’d be a true friend forever.  Your delight as i told you in 2007 about my pregnancy. And then your happy news a while later.  How you showed me the pics of you and charlotte taken on each anniversary. There was no doubt if your …