John King

Kathy, you know what a great “waffler” I am. I could easily go on and on about how grateful I am to John for choosing me to teach at JP11. From the moment I walked into his office for my interview and blurted out “I know you…..”  his great warm smile made me feel immediately at home. I mentioned Thomas the Apostle and he actually remembered me……he had taught me maths and I was “the musician”! After a long and thoroughly gruelling interview (three mins?) we had a good ten or so minutes discussing old times, after which I asked whether I’d got the position. He simply said “well it’s either you or a drunken Argentinian pub pianist!”. Yes, JP11 was the school for me. He was generous, humble, humorous and  sometimes too honest for his own good as all great men are. I and many, many others will miss him dearly.


Tony ODoherty

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