Adassa Beatrice Douglas

As a child I wanted the Johnny Seven gun. I wanted it so much so, I would cry myself to sleep at the thought of not having it for Christmas.

I also remember having my nose pressed up against the window at our big toyshop, salivating at the sight of the Action man in full scuba gear. Again, never got one.

As a youngster with energy to burn I wanted to be the first of the brothers to claim the prize of being the first to jump off the swings – ‘at the bumps’. Again this wish was thwarted. Thwarted by baby brother, Devon, although it’s still to this day, the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

In life we want things just for the sake of having them. As an adult I want for nothing as I have wonderful memories. Memories of a house so filled with love and joy, it’s a wonder it didn’t burst apart at the seams in shear exuberance. The things I once wanted so badly are now fond memories of times past, times of tenderness, times of humour, times of love.

What I have is love and being loved in a family and extended family, whose beating heart was mum. She was the rock on which we were all steadied. What I have is priceless and timeless.

I know Mum will never be forgotten, because Mum’s light will shine in all her family, friends and anyone who knew her.

Stafford-Mum's remembrance pic

Stafford Douglas

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