Stuart Pickering-Brown

I first joined Stuart’s lab as a PhD student in 2012, and enjoyed working with him so much that I stayed with him for a postdoc and then a fellowship. He was deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about dementia research, which I found very inspiring. I will always remember him as an incredibly kind, caring and supportive mentor. He was always there for me and could always calm me down when I was having a science-panic, which was probably quite often! It was Stuart who encouraged me to apply for fellowships, gave me the confidence that I was ready to take the plunge then coached me through the application process.

Whilst Stuart was very passionate about dementia research, he also understood the importance of work-life balance, which meant that our lab was a happy lab. Stuart would delight in telling us about his family, stories from the farm or his latest foodie revelation. Our lab dinners were never boring. It was Stuart who practically forced me to try a squid ink dish for the first time at a tapas restaurant and it turned out to be one of my favourite foods.

I’m very grateful to Stuart for everything he did for me over the best part of a decade working together. I will miss him very much, both as a mentor and a friend.

Sarah Ryan

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