Sarah Waller

Darling Sarah, I am really sad to write this and it has taken a long time to be able to put pen to paper, maybe because I still can’t fully comprehend and digest what has happened.

I miss you so very much. From the day I was introduced to you, I knew you would be a special friend in my life. I remember your beautiful, warm smile and how excited I was to hear about all your life stories. You were equally as interested in mine (although I think yours were more exciting!). We soon found out that we share a love for cooking, went to the same Uni, and worked out that we’d probably partied the same “parties” in the 90’s.

I loved your company, you always make a grey day seem brighter. Whether it was just a team chat at the end of a busy day, a long-walk, shopping trip (my last one with you I will never forget – you were so elated that they had your favourite trainers/pumps that you brought three pairs!), pub lunch or just being with you in the office, I always looked forward to time with you. We’d laugh together, cry together and sometimes laugh until we cried.

We never did get to do that cookery course or go to the Paul Weller concert, I wish I’d seized the moment more but I will take that as a lesson.

You were beautiful soul who always lit up the room, who made everyone smile, saw the best in people and had a unique quality of bringing out the best in them. Your energy was infectious, and I will always remember your random expressive dance moves!

I loved hearing about the plans you had for the future and really feel that you were just about to embark on a “new chapter”, I am sad that you were taken too soon and never got to continue doing amazing things.

And you did achieve amazing things. Your energy and ambition enabled you to have a varied and interesting career, from planning huge events to managing crazy, complex bids, you were so passionate about what you did. It is comfort to know that you did so many great things, travelled lots, and had so many interests.  When your lovely friend gave you a piano, within days you’d mastered “Strings of Life” and bashfully shared a recording, being unnecessarily self-critical, yet I thought it was amazing. I don’t think you knew how brilliant you were.

I miss your wisdom, I would ask myself “what would Sarah say”, this is something I think I will always do.

I will never meet anyone else quite like you Sarah. I feel so very fortunate to have you as a friend. Life will be different now, but we must continue to celebrate you – your kindness, beauty, passion and warmth.  I will keep my wonderful memories of you close to me and treasure them. You may be gone from our sights but you are still in our hearts, and your wonderful spirit will live on.

We will never forget you Sarah, shine bright xxxx

Sarah Gale

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