Mark Dunne

I am very saddened to learn Mark’s passing. Mark was my MRes supervisor and mentor and I had the opportunity to work in his lab for almost a year. He taught me how to write a research proposal, conduct high quality research up to a MRes thesis. He first introduced me to the stem cells research and my whole research journey began in his lab. He was really very passionate about his research. I remember he created a competition for us in the lab to find the best name for the first insulin-producing progenitor cell line that they generated in the lab, it was fun. One day he brought a cake to the lab to celebrate Karen’s birthday, he was care about his family and people around him. Couple of years after I started my PhD in a different lab in the Smith building, I was often see him around or chat to him in coffee queue. He was always smiling and happy to hear about my PhD work and I was proudly telling my peers that he was my postgrad supervisor. He was such a humble person. Thank you Mark for being an inspiration and you will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences to Karen and his daughters.

Samira Hosseini Alghaderi

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