Christopher Divers

Chris and I worked together at Chelsea FC in Bangkok, Thailand and we became close friends, due to his kind and funny nature and passion for the game which we both shared. I always admired his love for Celtic, and I would win him up about Rangers as I am a huge Liverpool fan (& stevie G!). We would have endless banter, and I loved spending time with him at our pool in the evenings after work or with a beer in hand watching some footy or playing some pool. We also talked about where we had traveled, and our families and friends. Above all, Chris was a fantastic coach, and he made a huge impact on our soccer program, although we should never be defined by our jobs, Chris deserves praise for being the excellent coach that he was, great with people and knowledgable about the game. I loved learning from him, and our local Thai coaches also loved his work, and had a lot of respect for his approach and work. I was heart broken to hear Chris has passed, I am devstated I never saw him again in the flesh, as I would tell him everything above, the last time we spoke was in July, and we left on good terms, and for that I am thankful. Rest in power, Chris, I will miss you very much and I will always think about you when I step in to the pitch or watch a Celtic game. Thanks for everything and I’ll miss you mate 💙

Robert Mathews

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