Colonel the Reverend Robbie George Russel Hall QGM

Robbie Combo 2

We had the pleasure of knowing Robbie for the last five years. His talks, whether at Links Youth Fellowship, Men’s breakfast, or other church events were always engaging, very easy to listen to, full of personal experience, anecdotes, jokes, but clear in their meaning and message.

While he was training to be a Baptist pastor in Monmouth, he helped us on many occasions to run Links evenings, with his forte always being the active events. He organised orienteering, platform games, and survival skills, as well as a bomb disposal simulation! Only a couple of weeks ago we walked across the Vauxhall fields in the middle of Monmouth where his orienteering route took our young people. It was a joy to visit Robbie at Hope Baptist Church with some of our Links members in the summer of 2019 and share fellowship again with Robbie and his congregation.

It wasn’t only young people that Robbie encouraged in faith and activity, the men’s breakfast bible study that he set up is still going strong, and the activities he organised were great fellowship, although I never got the hang of fly fishing, I did do well at the clay pigeon shooting. He was always willing to help out including chauffeuring our daughter and friends to her prom night in one of his classic cars.

Robbie has been an inspiration and example of how to live out the Christian life, and we’re so glad to have benefited from his company. He always stepped forward, provided leadership, insight, and experience and mostly importantly reflected the love of God clearly for all to see. God Bless you Robbie.

Richard and Olivia McLachlan

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