Clive Johnson

We were all shocked by the sad news and even as I write this there is still an element of disbelief.  I’ve known Clive since he started at Kingston and he has always been a good friend and colleague. I’ll always fondly recall his words of wisdom, guaranteed to raise a laugh as he put the world to rights, a wry smile would indicate the imminent release of a quip to raise the spirits.

Clive was highly respected by all who knew him and those he helped, highly skilled with the ability to adapt to new challenges quickly, He was tenacious in finding solutions to problems, going above and beyond what would be expected. Always offering help and advice to anyone who could benefit from his experience. He was the envy of many an IT director as he was the only person to have their own office.

He would recount tales of working for the brewery, his time in Australia and the dismal state of English sport. He always emanated joy when talking of his children and grandchildren and the pride he had clearly reflected in each story. Whilst a man who wouldn’t express his personal feelings much they were clearly apparent on his face as he spoke.

We all have our own special memories of Clive and whilst the weight of his loss is a heavy burden it can be lightened by the many memories we have that cannot but bring a smile to the face, he will always retain a special place in our memories. The sight of him marching with intent across the office towards his unsuspecting targets will be sorely missed and will always generate a laugh when recalled.

My family have all shed a tear, he will always be fondly remembered and missed by us all.  He will be a massive loss to all those who knew him.

Our thoughts go out to his family and close friends at such a sad time.

Mark Shepherd

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