Paul John Evans

What can one say about Paul that has not already been said? It is never easy to summarise the life and achievements of any individual in a few words, yet alone those of someone who has contributed and attained so much as has Paul. He always offered his all (and more) in everything which he did, for those fortunate enough to count themselves amongst his family, those who worked with him, the charities and institutions he supported and his friends. His absence will all the more be so great, and so deeply felt, for so many.

I first met Paul in the early 1990s and, as our my business dealings and professional paths crossed with increasing frequency, so we become personal friends. I feel very priviliged to have been involved with his various ventures, even coming to relish the increasingly greater demands and tighter deadlines! It is only to this credit that Paul’s efforts and achievements put the claims of so many of the rest of us to shame.

Everyone who has met him has their own “Paul” story and, such was the colour of his life (even allowing for some embellishment), each of us seems to have a different one. My own is his differentiation of work and business – referring to his first experiences as a delivery driver in Somerset he proudly explained that “work” meant owning one van, whereas “business” meant owning two.

The humbleness of his origins only served, and still serve, to inspire others. The enthusiasm, passion and total commitment in all that he did, never stopping to dwell on any success or disappointment, treating victory and defeat with equal disdain, are all the more remarkable considering the trials of ill-health which accompanied his later years, but which he never sought to burden others with.

It is now for others to continue his work. We shall always take pleasure in simply having known him, in having so much to remember about him and having had the honour to count him amongst our friends. Rest in peace. Mark and Caroline Menhennet.

Mark and Caroline Menhennet

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