Professor Josephine Arendt

I am very sorry to hear that Jo Arendt has passed away. Ever since I became active in chronobiological research, she has been a leading figure in my scientific life. She has played a very important role in my career, both with her important publications on melatonin, sleep and chronobiology in particular, but also through her supportive presence at conferences. I also enjoyed her presentations and the discussions with her after my presentations. She was such a kind person, respectful to everybody, especially to young, starting students. I am very grateful to her for the invitation to give the Stockgrand lecture at the EBRS in Amsterdam in 2017. I still remember a wonderful part of a presentation of hers in which she discussed that melatonin would have an anti-aging function and she emphasized that with two pictures of herself showing that she herself did not age at all….. That humour combined with so much knowledge is how I will remember her.

In addition, she was an example to me in setting up a science-driven company that aims to bring chronobiological knowledge to society and supports research. I will continue to do so and continue to run melatonin analyses while always keep her in my mind. She will be missed.


Marijke Gordijn

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