Michaela Bergman

It is really difficult to assimilate this loss.  Some months ago with Michaela were chatting regarding some trip were we can meet.

I met Michaela 18 years ago for a social resttlement plan for 180 families in Armenia. the project last almost 8 years, was very complicated and challenge, but with the help and support of Michaela profesionalism everything become easier, and today all those families are thankful for the changes in their lives.

Through this project, Michaela travelled to Armenia almost every month, and we had the chance to share hundred of dinners.  Once the project was terminated with a great success, we were already very good friends. 

Michaela hold my daughter after one month she born, and we had the oportunity to spend some free time in our vineyards in Armenia and also during her trip to Argentina and Uruguay.  All my family love Michaela.  We are all sad and miss her, but we keep with us her beautiful smile, her elegance, intelligence, optimism and mianly her generosity. 

My condolence to Michaela’s beautiful family, we have never met, but thru Michaela I know all including Laleh and Zirou from whom she has a special devotion. 




Marcelo Wende

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