Rod Hills

I remember the first time I spoke to Rod. I was still an analyst, and bumped into him downstairs on one of our breaks. We were talking about work and about the possibility of me going with a sales person to talk to some clients regarding one of the trackers. I told him how bad I was at selling ANYTHING, and he just seemed so shocked because WHO ON EARTH WOULD NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT. He then started giving me tips and how he would approach it within seconds, because for him that was just easy and natural. And right there, I thought to myself “this guy is amazing”.

And you know what? I was not wrong at all. As years went by, I had the immense luck of working with him on several projects, and it was always the greatest times. Big professional, always involved 100% on everything, always trying to go beyond limits, full of energy, full of enthusiam, full of life. I abosultely LOVED working with him. He was unique and special human being, one of those that it is rare to find.

I will miss not having you around. Be sure that your legacy will live on forever here.


Xmas party 2019

Laura Llames

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