Mark Barlow


People come and go in your life, with only few making an impact. Mark is definitely the one, who had an impact on mine…

When I was sitting in my car just few minutes before my interview at Showcase, I doubted myself thinking that I don’t have enough experience and that I lack the industry knowledge, hence I wouldn’t get the job. When I have heard from Mark that he likes my confidence, I was shocked. Considering the attitude that I entered the building with and the fact that in December 2021, when I have done my personal development plan, I was told that I need to work on my confidence… That one sentence from Mark, a call few hours later with the job offer was like a coronation of the change that I was going through.

From our first conversation after I joined Showcase, I also know that the sentence I told at the interview, after which he replied that he likes my confidence, was the one that got me the job… He couldn’t remember what I said (I can), but told me that it was so direct that he knew, he want me in that role. I will be always grateful for the opportunity given.

Mark knew exactly what he wanted but trusted you and gave you the space to get on with your job. In addition, with the great sense of humour, approachability, and care, he was making an exceptional boss.

I also remember when he mentioned that his son’s 8th birthday was coming. His eyes flashed and proud daddy smile turned on…

My thoughts are with Marie, Joshua, Oscar, Siobhan, Fiona and the rest of the family. 

Reast in peace, Boss.

Pictures taken on the 24th of May 2022, during Mark’s speech at the Bluewater Cinema Relaunch. 

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