Rod Hills

Dear Rachel, Sam, Emily and family

The thing that always came with Rod was fun. He could turn the most mundane situation in to something to be celebrated, or made in to an adventure. When I first met Rod, he seemed so much cooler and worldly wise than the rest of us (he had, then, a year more than we had at university). He would ooze his personality in to us on weekends at Warwick, and we would hang off his every word. The strength of his and Rachel’s love endured between Warwick and Newcastle and we would always look forward to his visits. There would always be tales of daring, whether on the rugby pitch or in the pub, and we loved every minute. Jumping forward, we partied hard at your wedding and watched you settle in to adult life with a breeze. When I moved to London, I moved to Balham because Rod lived there and told me it was the place to be. This was an excellent idea, because it meant I got to spend time with Rachel and Rod – only a walk away from where I was living. Rod knew stuff that I didn’t know, about everything and everywhere.

When you moved to Wales, it felt like you were far away but the adventures never stopped. Your beautiful family grew with the arrival of Sam and Emily, and you made a wonderful place in Wales. Never far away were tales of daring – injuries from building work and the hard side of country life. But you loved every minute. 

I am so grateful to have had you move close to us when you came to the south coast. It has allowed us so much more time together – to see our families grow and flourish each time we met, and to cement our long friendship with the grown up Sunday lunches or afternoon teas. Your adventures didn’t cease – as you cooked us pizza in your clay oven we heard of the high jinks of how you got the clay. The last time we were together was spontaneous – we ditched other plans to be with you and I will always treasure my picture of you and me drinking your home brew. It was the best. 

It has been devastating to learn of Rod’s passing – but it has brought back so many happy memories (I can never remember a time when Rod wasn’t bounding in enthusiastically and happily). Sam and Emily are so much like you in so many ways – and they can proudly be your legacy. We are all here for them and Rachel and love you all very much. 

With all our love

Kieran, Alison and Keir Humphrey

Kieran Humphrey

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