Wendy Chalk

To try and sum up all that Wendy meant in a few words is nigh on impossible. When Wendy joined the team of practice learning managers she was assigned the South area and quickly established a reputation as being a “free thinker” who would come up with imaginative solutions to various situations. I really did appreciate Wendy’s innate sense of fun which surfaced during our conversations. Often a 121 meeting planned fpr an hour would turn into two hours and was a really nice way to end the week. These meetings also included alot of conversation about sailing but we did get some work done as well. Wendy was a leader in every sense of the word being very proactive in the introduction of the Princes Trust into the service and I have never forgotten the immense support that she was during that time. I did wonder if she would end up running it!  Wendy was a really staunch ally within the team and rose to meet every challenge contained within the exciting development opportunities on offer. Wendy will be sadly missed and my thoughts and prayers are with Graham and the rest of the family for whom her loss will be felt acutely. Rest in Peace Wendy.

Keith Miller

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