Charlotte Clare Pearse

Clare has been a best friend to me for more than 35 years.

We worked together as social workers for many years, joining forces on difficult cases and bending/breaking the prescribed rules on occasion to do the best for a family.  She was insightful and funny, I recall that in tedious meetings with senior management she might, using her Irish accent make a cryptic comment, often involving swine, dogs and pearls to make her views known.

She was instrumental in my meeting John, now my husband and became close to all our family. We shared some holidays together and enjoyed long weekend stays in Suffolk.

Clare was my star witness in the High Court a few years ago.  She gave a glowing charactor reference  throwing in a few negative asides about the other party involved.  Even the Judge had to control himself from laughing!

An intelligent and kind person who loved and delighted in time with her family; especially her three wonderful grandchildren.  She was the best friend that everyone would wish for.

With condolences,

Kay, John, and Kirsty


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