Janet Haffegee

I will miss Janet so much.  Janet recruited me 5 years ago to my first HR role in higher education and I couldn’t have hoped for a more kind, patient and knowledgeable colleague.  We worked closely together almost every day since then and Janet quickly became a source of expertise, a pragmatic sounding board and mentor to me.  I would marvel at her ability to be able to clearly navigate us through some seemingly impossible situations, her absolute unflappability in meetings and her good humour.  I feel extremely lucky to have had the good fortune of working with Janet so closely over what seems like a few short years. 

It was also clear to me that many colleagues sought Janet’s advice on all kinds of things, not only work related.  Janet would make time for anyone and despite her own heavy workload, nothing was too much trouble – Janet had a big heart, which is clear from all these lovely messages from her colleagues – they provide comfort to me, as I hope they will to you both too.  

I will always remember Janet with fondness as a warm, sincere, funny, occasionally stubbornly determined (hilariously so when it came to that cupboard of papers) and kind colleague.  And whenever I am faced with a difficult or complex situation, I know my first thought will be ’What would Janet do?’

Kate Slade

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