Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

Dibble, what can I say, loved playing in that Lewsey side and you were one of the main reasons, a joy to be around, always laughing and just a positive vibe from you all the time and you were a decent player too.

I didn’t see you for a few years after the footie days but then bumped into each other and from then on you started looking after our vehicles and you still had that same energy and bounce in your step.

I remember proudly watching you playing Ronnie O’Sullivan in a exhibition match in Dunstable, I think you only got to the table once lol but a great memory.

I also fondly remember having dinner around yours where I met your lovely wife who was pregnant with your first child and all talking for hours.

The last time I saw you was at chicken George and you were just setting up your business, never thought that would be the last time that I would see/speak to you.

Rest in peace mate💙

John Darcy

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