Nick Short

Nick was the first person I spoke to after I recovered from my first real episode of depression. I was reaching out in a typical vet fashion, searching for answers, reasons and solutions.  Nick was not able to provide me with those but what he did give me was far greater – his time, his understanding and his friendship.  We realised fairly quickly that our thirst for projects and helping others was in alignment and before long we had worked together on the play “ practice imperfect”, produced the top tips for vets pocketbook and served on Vetlife board together.

Nick was remarkable.  Kind, patient, empathetic , enthusiastic with boundless compassion for others.   And he was wise, so very wise – he used to stabilise and steer me without me even realising it – he was like my veterinary Yoda.   He knew what me “ disappearing” meant and we offered each other that unspoken understanding that comes of knowing how someone so capable, so socially able, so busy could find it impossible to pick up the phone.


There are people in your life that you are destined to meet, that shape your life, your career, your axis – Nick taught me to believe that I could do and overcome anything.  He was there cheerleading me on when StreetVet was just a random notion.  I don’t know how to put into words how deeply bereft I feel but also so very fortunate, so bloody lucky that he picked up the phone to me that day.

Jade Statt

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