I have so many memories with you starting from when we were in primary school, having sleepovers at yours, when we would have own colour cups. Then onto secondary school when we spent most of our study leave sitting in your garden eating ice cream and strawberry sauce. Then we got older and started going to parties – it was so funny the time our bag of alcopops smashed on your drive so your mum gave us a full bottle of vodka! So many nights out and holidays, the memories I’ll cherish forever.

I’m so happy and proud you were by my side on my wedding day and I so wish you’d got to meet Penelope. I know you would have been the best aunty Jord and Penny will always know about you and our memories and stories – and when she’s being naughty I’ll tell her the ghost of aunty Jordan will come and get her, like you told me to tell my kids in the future! Miss you always my oldest friend and the strongest person I’ve ever known xx


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