Janet Haffegee

It’s taken some time for me to find the right words to say, and lossing Janet still doesn’t quite feel real.

In the 10 years or so I worked with her, Janet was, as other colleagues have said, the ‘go to’ person for a great number of things and was never too busy to offer help and support – despite being on a tight deadline herself juggling work and family committments. Janet had an unshakable sense of right and wrong and this was the cornerstone of who she was.

As well as her professional contribution to the team, whilst not always the instigator of office ‘off-topic’ discussion, Janet would often contribute with amusing tales from her travels, or details of an unusual theory or plan Rob was following at that time (sorry Rob). This she did with a twinkle in her eye, especially when discussing Rob and Tash.

My single status was the subject of one lighthearted discussion, with a theory emerging that the lack of a dishwasher in my house was a contributory factor.  Janet’s kitchen was being re-fitted at that time and a few days later she brought her old dishwasher in to work for me to have. I can’t say the theory was proven, but the dishwasher is still in my kitchen, thanks to Janet and Rob’s kindness.

Sadly, we’ve lost a kind, generous, supportive colleague and friend.

God Bless Janet.



Colin Jobber

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