Tensie Finn-Mattai

Firstly I would like to send me deepest condolences, wishing your family peace, comfort, courage and lots of love in this time of sorrow. My heart is heavy and goes out to you all at this difficult time. Tensie was my God mother, she helped raise and mould me into the woman I am to today and I will forever cherish those memories and time spent together.

Although we didn’t see each other much within the most recent years. I still have things I remember, she was a very loving and caring person and had me a lot when I was young.

One little thing I remember is when staying with Tensie, in the mornings my mum used to always give me 1 and a half weetabix for breakfast but when I stayed with Tensie’s house she used to give me 3 weetabix hahaha

I was able to be a bridesmaid for the first time for her weddding.

I really can’t believe your gone but you won’t be forgotten 

love you always 

Candice xx






Candice Salton

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