Adassa Beatrice Douglas

Nana welcomed me into her family on the understanding that I take loving care of her son, Stafford. Easily done because she raised him well.

A strong woman. A disciplined woman. Focused on family and faith. Warm, loving, giving, and forgiving. I remember nana sharing stories and memories of people and places, hard times, and happy times. So much history and wisdom.

Nana loved children and they loved her. When Nathan was a baby, she held him on a car journey from North London. He slept safe in her arms all the way home. Children were always safe in her care.

Christmas time visits to nana’s are a tradition, her sons and their families gather there to exchange gifts and greetings. Her small kitchen is busy then. It’s not going to be the same without her.

I feel blessed to have had Adessa Beatrice Douglas in my life. May she rest in peace.


Brenda Douglas

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