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Rupert Bates

My dear friend Rupert, the news about your death hit me like a stroke with iron. And how could you go befor me? Haven’t you, with all your stage experience, learned anything about TIMING? Yopu are YOUNGER than I, so…You wonderful, soft, smiling, always helpful bald blue eyed Angel in disguise you gave me so much when you offered yourself to be my sponsor when I first stepped into the Richmond-meeting. I think we bonded because we shared our love for theatre, andf i remember vividly when we were at the Edinburgh-festival……And RUGBY, which you introduced me to. I remember our day in the stadium (Twickenham?) and soft Ruperts surprising and keen interest in bloody noses and kicks in the groin. And our afternoon tea at your place (and mine) and my son playing some electronic stuff with Morgan…oh my, you have gone to soon,  I prayed for you the last week my friend and will continue for God giving you eternal peace and happiness, and my heart goes out to Carol and Morgan, I’ll include them in my prayers yoiurs forever Matthias, the crazy German

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