A Book of Remembrance


Rachel Parry

Our darling Rachel brought so much joy to so many. We have created this online book so that we can bring together everyone’s memories. Family, friends and colleagues alike – please do leave a message, and share your photos/ videos.

Write a line, a paragraph, or even sonnet. Every memory, big or small is welcome and we very much look forward to reading about our very special Rachel. 

Thank you. 

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Rae never expressed much interest in sailing but in July 2018, in the middle of a heat wave, she decided she’d like to join her brothers for a weekend on the Solent with us. She took to it, and here she is looking very confident at the helm. It was a wonderful weekend and …

Jenny Draper

I stayed with Kate, Rob, George, Beatrice and Minnie over a 2-3 years when travelling down to London on business and was lucky enough to overlap with some of the time Rachel was living with them in Streatham. The bond between Rachel and Kate was there to see, and the love the children had …


This is Rachel with Jocelyn aged about a couple of days old. Rachel was annoyed that Jocelyn wouldn’t wake up because she wanted to play with her. We know this because Rachel told Jocelyn this on a number of occasions, always smiling and laughing when she told the story.  …


Me, issy, hermy and Rachel practising for Katie’s wedding. I remember how beautiful she looked in her  blue dress. I remember looking at her bright blonde hair with flowers in and thinking she was just the best thing ever. ❤️ …

Kate Deeley

Dear dear Rachel lived with us for a year when she first moved to London. She was the most extraordinary cousin and niece. This corner of our house belonged to her and my children. Baking away, making more mess than imaginable but loving every minute and laughing together. Oh how we will miss her …