In Loving Memory of

Mike 3

Mike Hobbs

For many people Mike (aka The Welsh Wizzard) is only someone they have only met online

through Twitter, his blog, or as a co-host of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast


His tragic and untimely passing has robbed us of one the best amongst us:

A warm-hearted, kind and generous man, always ready with a smile, a hug and the most wicked humour.

The effect he has had on our lives is almost immeasurable and the world is a poorer place without him.


“No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away,

until the clock wound up winds down,

until the wine they have made has finished its ferment,

until the crop they have planted is harvested.

The span of someone’s life is only the core of their actual existence”

Terry Pratchett


Owner :Neil Shuck
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James O'Keefe

I only know Mike Hobbs from his words, but I am so sorry that he left us. Much love to his family and friends in this time of sorrow. …


Nuno Castilho

I only knew Mike from the internet, both from twitter, the M&M podcast and from talking to him a little bit in the Paint Chat group. Who I got to know, however imperfectly, was the kindest, most honourable person. You’ll forever be alive in my mind and you have touched my heart, and that …

Nuno Castilho

David H

I wish I had the opportunity to get to know Mike better. Nonetheless, I count myself lucky to have to got to know him from twitter and then the paint and chat group. He was always generous with his time, and enthusiastic about supporting those around him, even strangers. He supported me at a …


Brian Dowling

I never met Mike Hobbs and only knew of him through his podcast and blog. But it is clear to me that someone who produced hundreds of hours of free content for the hobby he loved must have had tremendous generosity, passion, and interest in and concern for people. Rest in peace and I …


Nathan Goodyear

I only met Mike a couple of times at shows and Lardy Games days, but he always had a smile on his face and was very friendly, I was shocked when i first heard of his passing. My thoughts and condolescences to his family, nearest and dearest. This wargaming world is short of one …


Mervyn Douglas

Mike, I only met you a few times but what you always brought, whether face-to-face or through your contributions to the M&M podcast, was smiles. From “wobbly shelves” to the “cake-gate” scandal, you brought smiles. Despite the sadness, that is what I will always do when I think of you – smile. …


Derek Holder

I worked with Mike nearly 13 years at BT. We were part of a tight crew who enjoyed good times outside work together. He got me into some really cool music and gigs. His chef skills were exemplary. His friendship and advice even more so. What a legend …


Gav Thorpe

Mike was one of those people you felt you knew really well even though you had rarely met or spoken. Each interaction seemed immediately friendly and familiar. A man of broad interests but with personal depth, I suspect I could have spent too long at the bar with him just chatting about this and …


Annie Norman

I first met Hobbs somewhere around 2013 and we became instant friends over a shared love of classic British style poking fun at each other. He was my first main introduction to historical wargaming and well, you can see, that was pretty damn influential.   Hobbs introduced me to a new world of wargaming …


Tony Kitchen

I only knew Mike through his podcasting but it always struck me what a nice chap he was , he will be sadly missed by us all and my thoughts go out to his family and friends . …


Olve Kroknes

I met Mike on the Southampton Lardy day last year. He was very inclusive and friendly to a chap coming all the way from Norway to play games. Covid stuck shortly after, and we got to know each other better through roleplaying online. Through our common WhatsApp group, we chatted almost daily, and he …


Jeremy C

Being from downunder, I never met Mike in person, but hoped someday to meet and game with Mike, Neil Shuck et al. However, having listened to Meeples and Miniatures for many years, and followed (and had the occaisional conversation with) Mike on Twitter, I felt that he was a gaming mate, and so was …


Derek Fulton

My condolences to Mike’s family and friends. I would listen to the meeples and miniatures podcast now and again and really enjoyed them. …


Marc R.

I only knew Mike through listening to the M&M podcast.  He struck me as a very decent fellow who will be missed.  With Respect. Marc …


Stuart Dobson

I only met Mike once, briefly at UK Games Expo, but even then he went out of his way to make everyone feel welcome. I feel I’m missing a friend. Very sad that I won’t hear anymore about his ‘things that don’t count’ shopping policy! A fantastic Gent, he’ll be missed by all. …


Chris Robinson

I only knew Mike through the M&M podcast, his blog and Twitter, where we did have the occasional chat (often him explaining some strange British food term). His escapades in gaming on M&M often left me in tears of laughter, with paint smeared somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go as I missed the mini …


Benito (aka Anibal Invictus)

Met him personally, albeit briefly, in a London’s Salute gathering many moons ago, when someone organised a bloggers meeting in one corner of the premises. Since then I regularly followed him in the Meeples podcasts, most of times while painting my minis, as well as in Twitter. I had to admit my shock when …


Vlad Seabrook-Smith

I first met Mike at a gaming event where he charged over, shook my hand furiously, and then embarked upon a conversation about The Damned. Kindrid spirits with shared music tastes, and from there a friendship was born. When I decided to offer a painting service Mike was one of the first to jump …


Gareth Parfitt

I first met Mike, at the first SAGA Grand Melee, although I had seen his name mentioned by people before that. Even though we only spent a few hours together, over the course of a weekend, whenever we ran into each other afterwards, he was always there with a warm embrace, as if we …


Markus Sharaput

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hobbs, but his voice has kept me company over a great many evenings of painting.  His enthusiasm for the hobby, the joy he found in it, and his exploration of new opportunities, was always infectious.  He was someone who took the time, out of a busy …


Neil Hughes

I knew of Mike because of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast and enjoyed his hilarious stories,recollections and various acquisitions (for research purposes) recounted on the show. However I did have the pleasure of meeting Mike on my UK holiday at the UK Games Expo in 2019. Mike and Neil were very welcoming of a …


Shaun Randell

Like many people Mikes bickering with Neil and Mike W on Meeples was essential listening whilst painting my lead pile.  I count myself lucky that I then was invited to game with Mike at Firestorm games and after that rekindle my dormant interest in Runequest with him.  In the last couple of years over …


Mike Collard

A person’s life is measured by the ripples they leave behind, and Mike’s ripples are something else. He was an inspiration in the community, the nicest bloke online and a delight to follow and listen to. He will be missed so much more than what his achievements on paper would suggest. Not sure if …


Andrew Clark (Kehaar/Clarky)

I knew Mike through roleplaying ganes – twitter and grogmeet. He was such a warm, enthusiastic soul and brought a lot of joy into my life. I wish i’d got to know him better. Heartfelt sympathy for the family. Through his positive influence a little bit of Mike will be a gaming tables across …


Paul Caspall ('Snowcat')

Listening to Mike on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast became an integral part of my life. It was something I looked forward to every month. Hearing Mike and Neil chatting together about the hobby and their recent adventures and misadventures, was an absolute joy. Mike brought a delightful mirth to every episode; his sense …


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