In Loving Memory of

Mike 3

Mike Hobbs

For many people Mike (aka The Welsh Wizzard) is only someone they have only met online

through Twitter, his blog, or as a co-host of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast


His tragic and untimely passing has robbed us of one the best amongst us:

A warm-hearted, kind and generous man, always ready with a smile, a hug and the most wicked humour.

The effect he has had on our lives is almost immeasurable and the world is a poorer place without him.


“No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away,

until the clock wound up winds down,

until the wine they have made has finished its ferment,

until the crop they have planted is harvested.

The span of someone’s life is only the core of their actual existence”

Terry Pratchett


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I can’t believe it. I regularly listen to podcasts of M&M. It feels as if I have lost someone close. Such very sad news. Rest in peace Mike.  …


I never got to meet you although we exchanged emails on wargaming and cooking. I still occasionally listen to meeples and miniatures as I have always enjoyed the banter and interaction between yourself and the other presenters.  Rest in peace, you gave so much and you are deeply missed. My condolences to your loving …

Gary Hopkins

A kind and caring soul. You will be greatly missed by all. …

Leif 'Laffe' Eriksson

Mike, Hobbsie. Words fail me. You were a beacon of insanity in a boring sea of normality. Making it acceptable to horde stuff, to have fun, to play games, and giving a voice to all of use who tries to cope with mental issues while trying to just play with our toy soldiers, to …

Joakim Ström

I will miss you so much. Thanks for everything. …

Ashley Pollard

I can’t imagine how his mother must feel at his sudden death. The shock must have been devastating. Words fail me. I enjoyed his sense of humour. We exchanged banter about wargaming and scones on Twitter. Mike was always nice to exchange a few words with.I will miss him too. My deepest condolences at …

Stephen M. Severino

Greetings from across the pond. While I never met Mike in person, I came to know and admire him through his work on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast. Mike’s enthusiasm, honesty, and down-to-earth nature, as well as his deep friendship with Neil, shined through in every episode. It was just like listening to two …

Chris Sharp

I was very privileged to have met Mike face to face as a gamer, first at an Expo years ago, and then at subsequent cons, including Grogmeet. Everytime I would see him again he always was such a happy, friendly and welcoming face.  He had that rare and wonderful gift of making everyone feel …

Ken M

I was very sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. His loss is going to leave a big hole in the world and make it a much duller place. Although I didn’t know him personally, his observations, humour and escapades on the M&M podcast have kept me company and entertained during many long commutes over …

James O'Keefe

I only know Mike Hobbs from his words, but I am so sorry that he left us. Much love to his family and friends in this time of sorrow. …