In Loving Memory of


Marion Jillian Fearey

Marion Jillian Fearey,  née Ellery, née Marsh   
30 August 1937 – 13 November 2021

We wanted to let you know that Mum passed away very peacefully but quite suddenly in Epsom Hospital about 1050 pm on Saturday 13 Nov 2021. 

Marion was admitted to A&E the day before with a chest infection and X Rays showed possible Covid symptoms.  She had recently had her flu jab and covid booster but a very long running urine infection and viral chest infection may have weakened her immune system. 

We got a call from Epsom Hospital Saturday 13 Nov at 10pm to say Marion was suddenly quite unresponsive. We had a quick dash to the hospital but arrived shortly after she died. Thankfully, she was in a lovely quiet en-suite, single room in the Acute Medical Unit with lovely nursing staff in the room with her.  They were treating it as Covid because of her symptoms and chest X-Ray and they were surprised it happened quite so quickly but her passing was very quick and very peaceful. She had been saying for a long time to most people she met that she was very ready to depart. Only an hour or so earlier she had been on her mobile asking a friend to bring items in for her from home the next day. Three days before she had been extremely animated, chatty and full of the ‘joys of spring’ during her hair appointment.

She also had a lovely Saturday the previous weekend when we collected her and brought her here for a huge roast lunch and lots of veg which she really tucked into, followed by pudding and a zoom video call with both our Daughters, Son-in-Law* and our 2 Grandsons. She really enjoyed that –  the first time she had seen her younger great-grandson, Elliot, now aged 2.  Then on 16 November we received a lovely card from Mum saying how much she had enjoyed her visit.  *Our Son-in-Law took a short Remembrance Day service on Salisbury Plain on remembrance day

We consider it was a real blessing that her death was so peaceful and quick, although of course quite a shock for Chris, Andy, myself and all Mum’s neighbours, friends and family.  It was probably what she would have planned given the opportunity as she was determined not to move from the house she had lived in since 1959!

Thank you so much for all your support for her over many years – she greatly valued the friendship, practical kindness, support, prayers, errands and lifts from so many people.

Thank you too to all those who have sent messages to Chris, Andy and myself.  

We held a very small service of committal at the Crematorium on Tuesday 14 December [order of service and music here]. 

We HAD planned a thanksgiving service [for Tue 25 January 2022] but have NOW decided to POSTPONE this by a few months in view of Covid19.  Once the new date is confirmed we will update details on here and email those on our email list…   To be added to that email list please email Rob

Donations will be collected then for Premier Christian Radio  or  or 

Every blessing,

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NB For those who knew our Dad, Derek Marsh – he also died this year – see Derek Leslie Donald Marsh | Online Condolence Book ( and order of service from his funeral is < HERE > including photos and links to the music we used, and the charities he supported. 


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