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Margaret Shaw

Margaret was a valued colleague and much loved friend to many, who will hold memories of her fondly and dearly.

Margaret approached life full of energy and optimism, and was unwavering in her beliefs and values.

She was dedicated to her work and the people she worked with, and undoubtedly had a human touch that drew people to her and left an impact on many that will always be remembered.

Please use this book to share your memories and sentiments.

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Joe Grey

I worked with Margaret on and off since 2006. The other messages in this book say it all – she was incredibly valued by everyone who worked with her. She was an amazingly inspiring woman, she demanded high standards of work from herself and from all of us who worked with her, she managed …

Louise Coward

It’s hard to put into words how much Margaret is already missed and will be missed in the future. I was lucky enough to have regular meetings with her over the last three or four years, and I always looked forward to them.  I think she made everyone there laugh every single time, even …

Oliver Sheppard

Margaret welcomed me into her team at the start of the year with such support and warmth. I soon realised that she had an unlimited capacity for looking out for and supporting others – both in her team, and championing the voice of others through her work. She was as knowledgeable as she was …

Amanda Rowlatt

Margaret was amazing. As a person she was so engaging, thoughtful and easy to talk to – but also an incredibly strong and powerful person. The depth of her knowledge was phenomenal, as was her clarity of thought. Her impact clearly spread very widely across the transport community, and she was able to drive …

Margot Shatz

I was fortunate to work with Margaret on and off for many years. She was a stalwart of the DfT Analyst Community who took pride in her work, her team and the stats and social research professions. She was a force to be reckoned with – never afraid to share her opinion or to …

Fiona Walshe

I always enjoyed working with Margaret, and particularly our less formal chats in the corridor and in passing. She was a complete expert, made policy better with her insights and was a fantastic colleague. Basically she was fabulous, and was an incredibly proud Mum, Nicole. She will be very much missed. …

Emma Sutton

I worked with Margaret for many years and she made me feel immediately welcome when I joined the team. She was really passionate about her work and I’ll always remember her championing and supporting us as a team in everything we did. Margaret was an amazing leader and mentor and I’ll be forever grateful …

Ann Marsden

Margaret welcomed me to the Rail Analysis team when I joined four years ago. We often sat near each other sharing news and anecdotes. She was always happy to chat about the work of her team and point me in the right direction when I needed information or a discussion about rail statistics, rail …

Peter Moran

I had the pleasure of working with Margaret through our respective roles at DfT and ORR. During that time, I chaired the Rail Statistics Management Group and it was always a much richer place when Margaret accepted the invite. In her customary honest manner, she could always be relied upon to spark the discussion …

Alice Crossley

Margaret was a great friend to me. We met over thirteen years ago. On my first day I saw her across the office, corralling her team around some aspect of complex statistics with obvious patience and kindness. One of my first projects was with Margaret. She tried to explain the challenges of counting the …
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