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Margaret Shaw

Margaret was a valued colleague and much loved friend to many, who will hold memories of her fondly and dearly.

Margaret approached life full of energy and optimism, and was unwavering in her beliefs and values.

She was dedicated to her work and the people she worked with, and undoubtedly had a human touch that drew people to her and left an impact on many that will always be remembered.

Please use this book to share your memories and sentiments.

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Pascale Desmond

I was fortunate enough to work with Margaret in my early days at the Department reviewing the customer experience specification on a new rail franchise competition. I will always remember how knowledgeable and passionate she was on delivering the best for the passenger – an exemplary quality for any civil servant. Even though we …


Jenny Dickson

I joined the research team during the pandemic in September 2020 so only met Margaret virtually. She made me feel immediately welcome and sent a chocolate package to my home in lieu of being able to meet in person – an incredibly thoughtful (and tasty!) gesture. We found out our career histories had quite …


Hannah Lovell

Margaret was always incredibly kind, funny and just the right level of irreverant. I occassionally did a bit of work with her team, and she would sometimes introduce me as ‘an honourary statistician,’ which made me feel quite proud and very much included! She made Rail Analysis a fun and friendly place to work- …


Delphine Robineau

Margaret was an impressive statistician with very high standards who drove others around her to strive for excellence by just being there! In our statistics management meetings she was definitely a role model for firm and professional leadership with a clear passion for what statistics bring to DfT and to the world. My thoughts …


Gary Smith

Although I first met Margaret in 2009, I was fortunate to work closely with her over the last year as she was my line manager. Her far-reaching impact on DfT and the rail industry was obvious. She was so genuinely passionate about rail and dedicated to showcasing the role analysis plays to influence and …


John Wilkins

It was a honour and a pleasure to work with Margaret over several years. Her committment to statistics and Government was exceptional. A passionate person, who always had her heart in the right place. Margaret is a massive loss to many people. …


Sophie Bell

I got to know Margaret from being in the senior leadership team together for rail analysis, mainly via our weekly meetings where we would talk about the needs and welfare of the team. Margaret was a powerful presence – whenever she spoke, we would all listen. She cared profoundly for the people in her team …


Ian Knowles

Margaret will be hugely missed by many people. For me, over the three years I got to work with Margaret, I was full of admiration for her drive and commitment to the role, a passion for improving how the work we do has impact on decision making, and how she always found time for …


Kate Jennings

When I first met Margaret in 2016 she was kind and welcoming, as I was new to rail.  She shared advice and support and we became friends – looking out for  each other as colleagues and comparing notes as mums as both our daughters were at university.  I was happy to help when she …


Abby Sneade

I worked with Margaret in various roles from ‘consultancy’ on public opinions work in the early 00s, in the wider rail realm when I was at HS2 Ltd and ORR, and working directly working for her for a spell in 2019. Our friendship was largely based around informal and spontaneous chats, and cake. Me …

Abby Sneade

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