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Harry Patterson (Jack Higgins)

Henry “Harry” Patterson (27 July 1929 – 9 April 2022)

Harry was better known to many by his pen name Jack Higgins, the British Author.

He was a best selling author of popular thrillers and espionage novels. His novel The Eagle Has Landed (1975) sold more than 50 million copies and was adapted into a successful movie. 

Some of his other notible books are A Prayer for the Dying, The Eagle Has Flown, Thunder Point, Angel of Death, Flight of Eagles, and Day of Reckoning. His 85 novels in total have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. 

Harry was deeply loved by his wife and four children and will be sorely missed.

Please feel free to share your memories of Harry with his family and friends.   

God Bless x

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