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M.J.B. (Henry) Riches

Henry will be fondly remembered by many from his twenty years of dedicated service to Horris Hill from 1998-2018. Head of English, Director of Studies, director of the Senior Play, orchestrator of balloon debates, inventor of the Spy Game and January Jamboree, on the coals at the Saturday night BBQs and much more; he was a consummate schoolmaster. 
Our condolences are with his family.
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Rory Castle

I was very saddened to learn of Mr Riches’ recent passing and particularly that he was not able to enjoy the long and happy retirement that he so richly deserved.  Mr Riches was a brilliant and inspiring teacher who spent many hours indulging my nascent interest in ‘creative writing’ by enduring all of my …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Henry Phillips

Henry was a great friend, then colleague at Summer Fields, then friend again and Godfather to our eldest. His sense of humour shone through, whether we were coaching the warthogs, selecting the MM XI, camping in France or staging plays. He was always a most welcome guest and I shall miss the very many …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Dalrymple family (3 OBs)

Henry was Director of Studies and taught all three of the Dalrymple boys. Strict, no nonsense but with great intellect, a good sense of humour (his braces were delightfully gaudy and enticing enough for the odd “ping”) but above all, very responsible, kind and caring over his boys. We owe much gratitude to Henry …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Harvey Vere-Whiting (O.B. 2019)

Mr Riches was a wonderful man, who guided me through the last year of my schooling at Horris Hill. He was responsible for the creation of some of everybody’s favourite times at school, such as the January Jamboree and the Spy Game, both of which are the memories I recall most vividly. He was …

Henry Lewin

What an amazing man, who brightened many an evening and classroom during my time at Horris Hill. I shall never forget him, nor his propeller cap as he stood watching the 4th XI “for the drama”.  I am so grateful to have had Mr Riches as hands down one of the best teachers ever, …

Edward Robinson

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Mr Riches as my tutor at Horris Hill. He was fair and reasonable; funny and wise. He knew how to give a boy praise whilst also having the tact to point out where you were going wrong, and how to fix things. He was everything I …

Jaime Mera Gem and family

Great memories of that year and special thanks to the memory of Mr Richies for his love, understanding and support …I will remember him for a lifetime. …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Rory Cattermull

Mr Riches was one of the greatest teachers I ever had throughout my schooling. He always managed to make subject matter both engaging and accessible, and he was instrumental in helping me prepare for my scholarship exams to Sherborne. I will also fondly remember the extra-curricular activities he put on, such as the balloon …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Sam Barclay

Mr Riches was my tutor whilst at HH. I came to HH with not the best ‘academic’ record. Mr Riches was absolutely brilliant at encouraging my reading and improving my general knowledge. Without his dedication and support I honestly do not think I would have become a doctor. He was honest, funny and made …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Claire Allott

Henry was a true gentle man and gentleman. It was a privilege to have been a colleague. Working with him on his plays was always so very entertaining. Delighted that Felix found the picture of Henry with that leg! A marvellous sense of humour. A wealth of knowledge! A terrific grin when I appeared …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Wladyslaw Janczuk and family

Wladyslaw Janczuk and family My brother and I both remember Mr Riches as a stern, but extremely inspirational and witty teacher. It was a pleasure not only to have been taught by him, but to partake in the numerous activities he organised. His case of colourful fountain pen inks and the Spy Game are …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Wilson family

Thank you Henry for your tireless support and dedication to so many but especially to our 3 boys, Henry, Archie and Fergus.  They loved having you as their tutor, English teacher and play director.  You were the very best of prep school master and you will be sorely missed by the Wilsons and so …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

William Fowler

I will always remeber Mr Riches as one of the greatest teachers of all time.  I will never forget all those pens and different colour inks.   RIP Mr Riches …


Katie Hutchinson

Henry was such a big part in the Horris Hill jigsaw for many years.  I will always remember how he would come into Reception and remark it was ‘so hot, you could grow bananas in here!’. He had a wonderful sense of humour and always a mischevious glint in his eye.  He will be …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Horris Hill Housekeepers

Henry was one of the most genuine person we have known.  Hhe had a wicked sence of humour and always had time for us cleaners.  We wiil miss him very much …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Riley Family

Mr. Riches is fondly remembered by Anthony and Nicholas as an inspirational school master. May he rest in peace. Our prayers are with him.  …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Archie Denison-Smith (O.B. 2012)

I think I speak for all in my year group when I say that Mr Riches epitomised everything good about the school. His dedication, wit, sense of humour and approachability were but a few of his many traits that all had such a lasting impact on us. Taking charge of the senior and, to …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Alex Shearn

I will always remember Mr Riches as one of the greatest teachers I had the privilege to be taught by. From my first start at HH in 1999, to my finishing the school to go to Marlborough in 2002, he was always there with support and encouragement, or a stern word if that was …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Hill family

We were so saddened to hear of Mr Riches’ passing. Our son had the utmost respect for him as a firm but fair, dedicated and kind teacher. He did so much for our son, particularly during Common Entrance preparations, and we will always have fond memories of him.  RIP x …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Family Hayes

We will remember Henry as a no nonsense, down the line gentleman. He had such a warm heart and stood by his convictions. He was a teacher who inspired many with his passion for English, authority and a cheeky sense of humour. It was a pleasure to teach along side him. You will always …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Justo Ruiz Cano and family

One of the best memories I cherish of Horris Hill was the annual bingo event, hosted by Mr Riches, where all the students would be cramped into a small classroom, five to a chair, and would all be talking amongst themselves with nervous excitement. Then, Mr Riches would enter the classroom, and to our …

Felix Beardmore-Gray


Mr Riches was an inspirational teacher who made education fun. Our boys never wanted to let him down. I feel so grateful they had Henry as their teacher. …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Molly Tollit

Henry was truely a consummate schoolmaster with whom I was honoured to work. I think initially he thought little of me but as always with Henry I learnt you had to gain his respect not expect it. He made sure boys were not molly-coddled – helping him flip burgers on the braai on a …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Cheung family

Mr. Riches will be deeply missed. We are saddened to hear this news, thoughts and prayers are with your family. Rest in peace.  …

Felix Beardmore-Gray

Pang family

Mr Riches will be fondly remembered as the English don who always held the pupils to high standards and always put the pupil first. He will be deeply missed.   …


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