In Loving Memory of


Audrey “Patricia” German née Bell

13th March 1931 Kingston, Jamaica – 9th March 2022 Binissalem, Mallorca
Whilst we are sorry not to look forward to enjoying any more conversations with Patricia or appreciate her wisdom she so generously shared, we are happy that she lived a full and inspiring life.  She has left an impact on all those who knew her and each of you will have a story to tell.  
We invite you to celebrate her life with your memories and stories of all she meant to you.  Tell us which of her qualities you most admired or from what you most benefitted by knowing her.  And then mourn her passing by making a promise to enjoy your life as she did – with a deep love for God and for all her family – her blood family and friends; her students in Jamaica, Wales and beyond; her beautiful Brahma Kumari family; the friends and neighbours she made wherever she lived (Jamaica, England, Wales, Nigeria, Mallorca) and everyone she met, no matter how briefly.
Please join us on Monday 14th March at 12h,(CET – Central European Time).  
Please come into the Zoom room 5 minutes before and make sure your microphones are OFF.  You may wish to find a quiet corner, light a candle and have a photo nearby.  You should plan not to be disturbed for an hour whilst we celebrate her life in ceremony.
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Geeta Amin

Such a pure, dedicated, loving, understanding, supporting, and dedicated soul You’ll be terribly missed always  Thank you for all your wisdom and all above  Om Shanti  tons of love  Geeta Amin Kingston ❤️❤️❤️ …

Wendy Sherwood

I didn’t know Patricia personally however, listening to her wise words was always a pleasure. Time with her, on line, was always time well spent, listening and learning. She was a calming, peaceful presence, never to be forgotten.  RIP Patricia you will be missed and I look forward to meeting you in person one …

Winsome Carroll

Patsy Germany came to Manchester High School in Mandeville Jamaica with her husband Raymond (Gerry) who was the new headmaster in 1959. She was my Spanish teacher,  She was kind and gentle and as a young mother was  a good role model for us girls. She ran the tuck shop and also organised ‘Day …

rod bell

Dear cousins,   My deepest condolences on the passing of your mom.  Without a doubt Aunt Patsy was my favourite aunt in the world.  A person with so much vitality, love and caring ….one just never believes she  could  leave us!  I remember so fondly the first time I met all of you and …

Su Dodd

They say people come into your life for a reason, lessons to learn, wisdom to convey; Patricia was one of my most positive experiences in this present called life.  I have learnt so much from her & will do my best to live by & share her teachings.  She is the absolute example of …

Mandy, Bruce, Elias and PermaMed

Thanks for creating this space to share our deepest gratitude to Patricia- who inspired me with her warmth, insight, and wisdom on many occasions, especially during the Conversations with Wise Women and over tea (and cakes). I just wish I had spent more time with her… and ironically she offered me a “time” gift  …

Peter & Emelda

We extend our deepest condolences to the German and Bell family. Peter remembers his aunt with warm thoughts when she visited Barbados. I remembered her as a generous and kind person. May she Rest In Peace!! …

Margalida Vinyes Domínguez

Mis condolencias a toda la familia. Patricia era una persona excepcional, abría las puertas de su casa a toda aquella persona que quisiera acercarse a su sabiduría de vida. Gracias Patricia por ser un ejemplo de amor a la vida y de amor al prójimo. …

Meenakshi A. Nandedkar

My family and I met Patsy and Jerry German in London at Datar residence in 1985. I found her to be a very warm and generous person. I met her several times after that whenever I visited Datars. She always had time to talk to me and we sometimes discussed about her visits to …

Jen German

Patsy was always such a warm and generous presence and it was a pleasure to know her. She made you feel special, and always took a keen interest in you as an individual. We were sorry not to see more of her in recent years but had such a wonderful time visiting Mallorca in …
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