First of all, if you are registering at Remembrance Book due to a recent bereavement please accept our sincere condolences and we hope you find our website and products of benefit during this difficult time. 
Now that you have successfully created an account you are now able to create any of the following:


Condolence Message in an Online Condolence Book. To do this go to the Condolence Book home page and select Add New Condolence Message  from the bottom of the page. Enter your message and add any photos that you would like then click SUBMIT.

An Online Funeral Notice : This can be used to publicise the death of your loved one and their funeral or memorial service details. It can then be shared on social media or by email. Click here: New Funeral Notice to start creating a funeral notice. 

An Online Condolence Book : This can be used to collect and display messages of condolence from family, friends and colleagues wherever they are located, even worldwide. They can also be called Remembrance or Memory Books. Click here: New Condolence Book to start an online condolence book.

An Online Memorial Page : This can be used to create a long lasting virtual memorial to your loved one. It provides a dedicated webpage that can have inscriptions, photos, videos and eulogies. Click here: New Online Memorial to start creating an online memorial page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: 

Best Wishes

Remembrance Book

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