Pat Clark

Dave was the youngest of my five big brothers and was seven years older than me. One of my earliest memories was when we were in Scarborough with mam and dad. Dave would be about twelve, to Anne’s eight and I would be about five. Without mam and dad knowing Dave decided we would climb up to ScarboroughCastle, but, the hard way. He kept coming up and down from tree to tree, for safety and we made it. There was a photograph at that time, of the three of us, and we looked liked “Ragamuffins”, a word not heard much now but, of course means, very scruffy!!! But we had fun and adventure. We move on a bit now to when Dave was earning and he used to put all his “old pennies”, in his drawer. Then , when they mounted up, Anne and I would go to the corner shop with this treasure trove, and return with loads of quarter bags of sweets. Goodness our teeth!!! Not sure what the shopkeeper thought. Glad of the change. Anne got married, just leaving Dave and myself at home. The odd time mam wasn’t there Dave did us everybody’s favourite. You guessed it. Egg andchips. Properl y done in fat and none of your frozen rubbish. Lovely!! Dave had met Nina and got married, then there was just me. But I was ,and still am, the baby as mam always introduced me. I move on quite a pace now with Dave and Nina s family grown up and ours. Dave and Nina had bought thei r apartment in Savinillas near Gibraltar because you will all know that Nina was Gibraltarian and her family were there. Keith and I spent a lovely week with Dave and Nina there. We met all Nina s family, first time since their wedding, and were driven around to all the sights including a very memorable visit to the caves and me having one of the apes plonked on my arm for a photo, by the guide. I cannot, in truth, say I enjoyed this bit but, it was a good photo. Dave, kindly let Anne, John and ourselves use the apartment again, just a few years ago, for a golf holiday and it brought back memories of our time there with Dave and Nina. Last but not least, Dave and Nina had some great dinner parties and general parties and, we all felt that, the food and drinks had been very interestingly, probably prepared by them both together. Rest in Peace my dear big brother and hope there’s a decent pub in heaven.
Last Update: 1st March 2021
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