Michael Choa

Memorial to Jerry

Dearest Peggy, Philp, Joshua & Luca,

My most vivid memories of Uncle Jerry, were when we were in Italy, walking in the hills behind your lovely home in Porto. At that time as young kids, Bub and Cub ambled along or they piggybacked with Philip. .. Jerry always had an infectious laugh. Conversation ran to what was for dinner, to where we were going the next day.. this it was all great fun and made us all very happy… There were other occasions in Venice and the Dolomites …
The one experience that Jerry mentioned to me over dinner at a restaurant one night, was he had never ridden in a Ferrari .. Although completely able to afford a fleet of them, he said he had never sat in one. I happened to be driving (a used) one that night and gave him a ride home. He made me feel special, by saying it was a thrill of a lifetime ..just shows how it in fact he made others around him feel special…To me that is a mark of a great person,…We miss you Jerry!!

With love and affection,

Ryan, Aaron, Joyce and Michael

Last Update: 7th January 2023
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