David Patrick Snitter

My little brother has left and i am so sad that he died so suddenly. Davis life had been a constant struggle just to live day by day and he was never lucky enough to find that one person he coud share his life with and have a happier time. He has had some very good and close friends who I know will be saddened by his loss and will remember him as the kindest most gentle person I`ve ever known. 


David was born in 1961 ten years younger than me he was of the three of us the brainy one going to gramma school and achieveing some O levels. He worked for BT for more than 20 years in Columbo house Blackfriars as a specialist technician. He finally left therte to start his opwn car repair business and set out to bulid his own drag racing car from a mk1 ford escourt van finally competing in the the PRO Rover Championships run over about 3 years. His van called SnitterBeast didn`t have an easy time of it and at one race actually caught fire with David inside ,fortunately he escaped unhurt but the van was badly damaged. Eventually completely rebuilt by him and a couple of dedicated friends it went on to become third in the championship. In recent years he has worked tirelessly to repair other peoples cars etc. and its been hard to keep going. Those who know him closly will know that he had been having trouble with his pancreas which after a period in hospital seemed to have subsided to the point that he told me he hadn`t felt so well in years. He had just redecorated his bathroom and was determined to get his life back on track when I told him after he asked me about some lumps that he had a double hernia. He was returning from the pre op assessment appointment when he colapsed outside his workshop. He was seen to fall by his very good friend and work partner who immeadiatly started to try to resusitate him emergency services were called and the police arrived together with surroundind neighbours and even the pharmacist when the ambulance arrived 40 mins later his heart was restarted and he was transferred at high speed to Kings college hospital were a blockage in a main artery to his heart was removed but he suffered another heart attack which was fatal. At 61 it was to soon. I visited him in the mortuary and to see him like that was the most unreal thing Ive ever experinenced. His life is over and we who are left will grieve at his loss. But be glad that he has no worries anymore and is at peace at last. My little brother I miss you every day I can`t believe that you went before me and I`m lost without you.  Rest in peace my sweet and loving brother.


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