A DIEU Mr Ketchem Godlove .

We will Remember October 9

A Father is the head of the family and the support strength as well for his children and wife. Your death has devastated us all for it is not easy to loss a pillar in the family. I wish the call I made with you on Teacher’s Day (5th of October) lasted longer.We always had something to talk about.I remember how I appreciated your interview with the CRTV and your reply was a heavy laughter, which made me proud of you.Daddy you were an intelligent, jovial , sociable and caring man.I remember how much I influenced some of your decisions, that’s not because you were stupid but because you respected Madame Fefeco just the way you will always address me when our discussion gets too interesting. Dad your departure got me thinking but what can one do asides returning everything to God. God has chosen to give you wings and now it’s time you flew.Rest in the Lord daddy K.
A dieu mon pere

No longer by our side but forever within our hearts.


Last Update: 11th October 2022
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