Kully Hunter


Kully, where do I start? . . . When I first met you you were heavily pregnant with Jess and lumping around boxes of paperwork to take home to process . . . I regularly took messages for Wayne of things you wanted him to get from the shop . . . I watched Jess grow up over the years and pop into work whilst experiencing your three-some dynamic strengthen.

Your infectious laugh and smile epitomised you . . . Along with your party animal spirit . . On various nights out I watched you topple over on your heels and listened to you getting emotional telling Tracey & me how Wayne loved ‘his girls’.

Whenever there was a party or event we’d always ask you to arrange the samosas and keema curry!

I can still hear your voice saying ‘you know what’ and ‘really’ when you were telling or listening to a story  . . . 

Our last conversation was about an engagement present, I’ll get what we discussed in your honour . . . 

Who is going to call me ‘Miss Spencer’ and ‘Miss Efficient’ now?

You leave a hole in a lot of hearts Mrs Hunter . . . Can’t believe you’re not going to be there . . . I hope you rest in peace but also join DGB for his wild parties he’s obviously excited to share with you again in heaven . . . 

All my love, Zoe X X


Zoe Spencer

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