Richard (Dick) John Gibbs

Dick, or Uncle Dick, was one of the most humble, understated and intelligent people I could ever have hoped to have known. I have very fond memories of days at Palace Avenue (usually incorporated with a visit to the Arms Park) where Uncle Dick and Auntie Di would always provide the warmest of welcomes. You don’t always appreciate the things adults do for you as children but, by signing up to the “Red Dragons” junior rugby scheme, Dick ensured that we saw several more Welsh rugby games than we might – I will leave histroy to judge whether that was a good thing, but I do know it was a small, but kind-hearted action that was typical of the man. Relationships change as you get older, but I have fond memories of watching cricket at both Sophia Gardens and St Helens with Dylan and Uncle Dick (as he was to us). Most fondly, however, I will remember his visit to Spain when Zoe and I were living in the flat in Marbella: Rioja by the bottle, tapas and beers in Orange Square before midday and a late-night curry (following several hours in an Irish bar watching England win their Grand Slam of 2003). Those few days will always remain a very treasured memory, and they gave me a chance to get to know Dick as a mate as well as an uncle. I won’t dwell on his getting lost when driving back from the airport and then struggling to find a parking space near the flat (an event he later disclosed to me ranked amongst the most stressful of his life) but, all I will say is, when I eventually tracked down the car upon my return to Spain, it was parked closer to Gibraltar than the flat in central Marbella! In recent years, he always remembered my own children at Christmas and birthdays and I know that he and Caiden would have had many a shared interest in the world of sport.  I am grateful to have known him as an uncle and a friend and, when I think of him, I remember a very witty, intelligent and humble man with an incredibly eclectic range of interests and knowledge. I know that those closest to him will miss him most, and our love goes out to you all. Zeri, Zoe, Cerys, Caiden and Seren xxxxx  

Zeri James

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