Arjan Singh Bachu

To my dear son, Arjan

In the short time we got to spend with you, I realised how truly special you are. 

You were small, but perfect. From your beautiful hands to your cute little feet and long legs, everything about you was just perfect. I can’t believe your daddy and I made such a perfect little human. 

Arjan, we love you so so much. Words can’t describe the hole you have left in our hearts. My arms feel heartbreakingly empty without you. I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt love like this… and I definitely haven’t felt heartache like this. 

Your daddy and I wanted you so so much. From the day we found out about you to the day we die, we will love you so much. 

You were only with us for a short moment, but you’ll be in our hearts forever. 

You are our baby, our son and our first born. You are so precious. 

Even though you aren’t physically with us, you’ll always be in my heart, and a peice of my heart is with you, wherever you are. 

The only thing I pray for you is that you are at peace. I know you’re with babaji now and I know you’ll always be looking over us. 

Until we meet again, I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. Thank you for choosing us as your parents.

Sleep tight my son. 

love you always, 

Your Mummy



Your Mummy

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