Kathryn Rudd OBE


Kathryn, it’s been nearly 11 years since we met but the connection we had felt like we’d known one another a lifetime. I will be eternally grateful to Helen for introducing you into my life.

We shared so many good times together that it’s hard to pick a memory that stands out.

Our weekend trip to Dusseldorf holds lots of special memories. Dusseldorf seemed an odd place to go for a girlie weekend, but with “longest bar in the world” why wouldn’t you.

The journey on the Eurowings propeller plane was a bumpy one and your face said it all. We drank cocktails, travel the streets by e scooter, ate delicious food – we had the most wonderful time.

Another recent memory is our time together doing a Thai cookery course. You were always so good at buying gifts, it’s as if you could read my mind.

You were so dedicated to your work and wanting to make the lives of those less fortunate better. That was you all over, always putting those around you first.

You were the most thoughtful, kind and loving friend anyone could wish for, and I’m lucky enough to say you were my friend.

I could be myself with you, no judgement, just two loyal friends who had an extraordinary friendship. 

Thank you Mark for letting me say goodbye.

I will love you forever my dear friend. Yasmin xxx




Yasmin Shaikh

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