Caroline Carroll

I’ve worked with Caroline for the last five years – officially I was her boss, but in reality she was my coach, support and extremely sensible colleague who thrived on delivering difficult stuff under pressure, always with a smile and her trademark chuckle.


Caroline was without ego – she had three criteria as to what work she did  – (1) make a difference; (2) work with people with integrity (3) do interesting stuff.


I believe this summed her up.


Working through covid times meant we got to know more about Caroline – Lola barking at Amazon delivery drivers and her deep and clear affection for her children, grandchildren and family. She was so proud of everyone and I recognise that our loss professionally won’t compare with that of those closest to her.


I’ve had a couple of cancer treatments myself which only deepened my connection with her – her support and empathy awaiting scan results and treatment plans was more valuable than she’d ever know.


I will miss her terribly and on behalf of her colleagues at bp (where she spent the past 18 years) I wanted to offer sincerest condolences and pay our respects to her.

William Bulkeley

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