S A Vanar (1951-2021)

My deepest condolences to the members of the family. Mr V, also known as “grandpa” to his final HSBC team. Thank you for your guidance, leadership, and everything. I will never forget the time I had working with you in the final years before your retirement. I was also lucky enough to be working closely with you without a manager and i was told you’re very nice to me. Though it still freak me out everytime i have to clear frontal with you, rolling your eyes and calling me “Madam”. Your guidance has shaped the kind of “auditor” i am today!. I still remember how surprised i was when you decided to visit me in NYC, while i was on my secondment there. I still talk about you alot proudly telling people i used to have a boss that is like a grandpa to me. He will chop me alive if i give him nonsense but at the same time he will also help us chop the client if we’re given nonsense. Thank you again!

Granpa, You’re free from all suffering now and you may rest in peace. 

Wee Szi

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