Kev Reynolds

Dear Kev, 

I can remember like it was yesterday, how we met.

“We met you three (you, Min and Claudia) on quite a hard day descending from fenetre d’Arpette. Lien and me were quite tired before arriving in Trient.  In the Dormitory Claudia and Lien started almost immediately to talk, on the topic of hard days, to which she comforted us and said she could fully relate on hard days on the TMB. We met outside and started talking, enjoying a beer. A lovely older gentleman and his wife with a very big talent for telling stories. 

You asked me how I was enjoying it and I remember telling you that “I should rip half of the cicerone TMB guide out, because I only needed the pages explaining the route in 1 direction, not both”…. I didn’t realise the naughty look you both had in your eyes, keeping your smiles to yourselves. If I had known! 

That evening went to fast, and I felt quite a sting of sadness, having to say goodbye at breakfast. Fast forward 7ish hours and you’re walking by on the road with a big smile on your face, at Le Moulin, no coincidence for sure. A very very happy reacquaintance, sipping from a glass of rosé wine. After our final good bye on the flanks of the Aguilles Rouges, I really felt sad. 

Living close to the mountains now, the memory of your stories and you, Min and claudia pass my mind from time to time, as I’m sure happens to everybody who met you. You’ve touched many of us in one or the other way. Thank you for that! 

Min, Claudia and Lisa, my wishes and condoleances to you all. 




Wannes Engelen

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