Ben Wallis

Pick and mix

”Morning Boss” I would hear as you wondered out of the lift with either a Danish pastry or a tub of Wilko Pick and Mix and a mini frappachino. I remember how we used to spend most of your One to Ones talking about Brew Houses and what Netflix series we were watching! (You particularily loved watching The Crown didnt you Ben …er hum!!) We also used to talk about what your Mum would be cooking you for dinner – and we all know how, when they went away, you would be left with spending money and microwave meals with cooking instructions on so you didnt have to get a takeaway or cook for yourself!!

You always knew it was payday as you would be spotted searching online for a new pair of trainers or checked shirts. I remember our Teams meetings where we would regulariy say ‘Ben, youre on mute!’, and how you could not hide your dissaprovement if we digressed into conversations not of interst to you! And that is why Ben, you will be so dearly missed. You were what I would describe as a true gent, so polite and courteous and would help anybody. There is nothing that you didnt know and seemed to have the answer to everything. You have left a big hole in the Spec Care family Ben, as I know you have at home. 

Good night and God bless Ben



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Vikki Smith

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