S A Vanar (1951-2021)

~ My memories of my Annai ~

* You climbing cherry trees, with me in tow, 
* Your home made cherry guns and catapults,
* Our home theatre with your home projector, bought with your savings – Disney cartoon galore,
* Your painstakingly made DIY aeroplanes and cars,
* Your spotless shiny black shoes for your Cadet Corp. at school (VI), 
* My first toner from you. Lemon Delph (I think it was called) for the first spot on my face,

* Playing Hide and Seek and Kaunda Kaundi, and flying kites with you, 
* Catching fireflies,  
when we were kids. 
Whilst studying in the UK, 
* Our day trip to Edinburgh together, (a birthday surprise for me), 
* Supporting me financially and morally, 
* Guiding me to nail my Accounting Papers, in my ICSA examinations, which I did. 
These are only some of the avid, precious memories I have of you, Annai. 
I am missing you terribly – my gruff sounding board! I am still coming to terms with it, although we all knew it was inevitable. 
You were so brave, through all your discomfort and suffering, so now rest well, Annai. 
I know you would want me to be brave too, Annai, so I am trying to be… Not quite there yet, but, I will get there, eventually… no choice!! 
Loving you, as always, 
your sister, Vicky xoxox





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Vicky A. S Rajah

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