Sarah Cunliffe

If you asked me to describe Sarah, I would say she was the lady who was usually smiling, laughing or had a look in her eye like she was thinking of something amusing, maybe that was just when she looked at me. Although not a direct member of her team I knew she was an effic ient and experienced lady who carried out her role professionally and was always happy to help. It was obvious her debt colleagues held her in high regard and knew they could rely on her to support them and our service users to the best of her ability. 

The last time I saw Sarah was at a team meeting. I remember walking in and could see her laughing away with the others while waiting for everyone to arrive. I sat next to her, probably because she always made me feel welcome. The topic was of course, holidays, as it often was, and she was due to be jetting off soon with her friends to a sunnier climate. She mentioned that she would wear her swimwear and anything else she could get on under her travel clothes to save time and money. 🙂 To this day I cant think about holidays without Sarah popping into my head and picturing her looking like the mitchelin man trying to check in. It is a memory that makes me smile and is fitting for a lovely lady. She had such an impact on me from the little interactions we had so I can only imagine the hearts she has touched and lives she has changed just by being herself and letting you be part of her journey.

She was taken too soon, but has left an impression that will never be forgotten. Enjoy the blue sky, soft clouds and travelling wherever your wings take you Sarah.


Vicki Brown

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