Sarah Elizabeth Curr

Verona's 25th Anniversary

To the Curr family, I was saddened to hear of your loss. Sarah was a colleague of mine from 2015-2021 at KCL, where I worked as a clinical teacher. Sarah was so welcoming and caring on my first day at KCL, and became a good work colleague and friend. Sarah had a great personality, she was passionate about her work and would stand up and be firm in what she believed. Sarah has contributed significantly to teaching and learning at KCL and will be greatly missed. I have been fortunate enough to have shared some fun times working with Sarah and socially when she came with other work colleagues to my 25th Wedding anniversary party. I hope you will feel the love and understand how Sarah has touched the hearts of those she met. I will miss her this is sent with love and remembrance of your loved one Sarah Curr. 

Verona Hall

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