Craig Outlaw

There are way to many memories… Uncle Craig meant the absolute world to me, he made my day EVERYDAY, I loved absolutely everything about him, even his mischievous cheeky ways! He genuinely had no filter, he made me laugh every single day. Looking after uncle Craig over these past few years and having his as an uncle forever was an absolute joy, and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it, even when he had the carers calling me up at 3am in the morning to talk about randoms like Jean Claude van damme and Whitney Houston ❤️ I loved talking about old times with uncle Craig.. the old times kept uncle Craig strong and focused on surviving, he loved his family more than anything in the world, that’s one of the many things we had in common and one of our main subjects of conversation. Uncle Craig would always talk about work he’d done, give me tips on DIY, when I say tips… I mean orders 😂 decorating his house I used a roller and he was not happy.. “vanessa use a brush, a 14 inch brush, 🙄” when I was a kid, sleepovers and nights at uncle Craig’s, he was always busy… house was immaculate, always smelt like peaches/oranges and bleach, unless you turned up on a Sunday.. there was always a joint of meat in the oven and a Sunday roast on the go. Loved how uncle Craig called everyone he loved “sweatcake” there could be three of us in the kitchen, hear uncle Craig call sweatcake and all go running, he loved it… all three of us would run into the living room and he’d just give us the cheeky smile, no need for anything…. just being cheeky. I absolutely loved going in to see uncle Craig and blaring out some Elvis Presley, it took him to another place… the old uncle Craig was back, you could see the memories resurfacing when the oldies were played, and only fools and horses was a must, always playing, we had so many laughs watching this, uncle Craig was always happy as long as we had a comedy or some kind of fighting film (kick-boxer, Rocky) on. I’m already missing you more than anything, everyone thinks I helped you… but you honestly helped me more, and my life feels empty without you in it! AMAZING MAN! Love you uncle Craig ❤️ Xx



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